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Monday, July 28, 2014

Start knitting...

Knitting is one of my favourite amongst all the other bobbies I have. Yes I can knit all day and night. Knitting give me the pleasure of doing any item I like. If I want an unique dress or jumper or scarf, I can do it.

In high school I use to knit for my friends and everyone who asked me too. I start knitting when I was seven, and since then I knit all sorts of things, and use all sorts of yarns, wool, cotton, silk.

I start knitting again last Wednesday when a friend of mine asked me to start a scarf for her. Half an hour later I finished the little fluffy ball of acrylic yarn and I realised that I have to finish what I start, because of the style I use when I knit. By five a clock in afternoon I finished the beautiful scarf and I was in a kind of mood to start another project.

My mother use to say that is good to start new projects in Monday and Wednesday not Friday.

What I start in Friday or Tuesday take ages to finish it, always I make mistakes, or doesn't turn the way I want it. I guess this is the way I was brought up and things I learnt during my life time.

Another friend of mine suggest to share my knowledge of knitting with you.

Knitting is giving me the freedom to watch a movie or  a TV  show but also is good for the mind too.

Enough for today, back to study now.

Please share with me if you love knitting or if you have a funny story about knitting!