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Monday, September 16, 2013

When others sleep...

Tonight when others went to sleep, I start  writing.Writing become very important to me lately.In April 2012 I opened a new chapter in my life by going to TAFE to study.For the first time in my life when I finish a course, and another, and another. One of my goals was to improve my English writing. I accomplished so much in a short period of time.Currently I am study Certificate IV Business Administration.

I have so many dreams,but one of them is to get a better job, in a office, filling boxes with numbers, yes one of them jobs.

Recently I uploaded few short movies on  ABC Open  website  and You Tube , wrote short stories. Singing, I am working on my third album, finished 18 songs from 20, music and lyrics in Romanian language.Recording my voice is easy after the soundtracks are done.To find and hire the musicians takes time.

Good luck with your projects,or hobbies whatever you doing,share with me!

Smokey, my beautiful cat.

I tried to digital paint her,is not finished.


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