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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

School Holiday

Is great to be on school holiday,so many to do, so many projects to finish. I spent few days so far online, activating some of my Media Platforms, and other forgotten online accounts, sounds familiar?

Happy news, I went shopping at a new store called " Laneway Trader "just opened in Mudgee.You can find some old and new treasures, oil paintings and handcraft work of some of  well known creative local artists, and Michael Forster who decide not long ago to be part of Mudgee community.

Image from " Laneway Trader" Facebook page

 Michael Forster painting,is my favourite. Photo credit: Laneway Trading Facebook page

This enterprise surprised everyone, myself included I didn't expect to happen that quick, two weeks only, from painting and cleaning the old place;get the merchandise and decorating the shop ready for open sales.

If you love something old, unusual and unique,for your beautiful home, I will sugest to check it out at least once a week.Is open Saturday and Sunday too.

I am going back to my online study,and if you read this post, please leave a comment and let me know what is in your mind, thank you!

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