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Sunday, January 2, 2011

To Replace my Karaoke Player

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Ijust realised my karaoke player is not working,but was in working order in Christmas time,what realy happen, I am not going to blame anyone ,was old ,I bought it in 2003,I think is better to go shoping online,I just find one at Triple Clicks,and is cheap,let's see:
I enjoy singing so much, plus is another way for me to focus on singing,to accomplish one of my 2011 resolutions . The player RJ-4200 featured with great karaoke sound and easy to access buttons on the front panel even without the remote control. With the Progressive scan and multi-region I can enjoy my favorite movies. The VGA interface feature also allows me to connect to PC monitor for better picture quality and combo package with 2 microphones. I will buy it now and sing immediately,maybe will take 10 days delivery from USA, I think is cheap.

I will pay a visit to Amazon,let's browse what they have in stock for me?

Wow ,I am very impressed what I found here too,is amazing,I like shopping at Triple Clicks but,today I am buying my karaoke player ,from Amazon!

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