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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 for Seva

2010 was quite an Seva's year. In this post I would like to take you on a journey through it. So read on as I take you through some of the most exciting and interesting things that have happened to Seva over the past 365 days:

In sweltering heat I sat at my computer. I hadn’t been outside in well over last 60 days.  A year’s worth of ideas would soon be unleashed . I am  looking backward to what I had accomplished and forward to what I would, all in a single moment. This is what I saw for 2011:

Get Your Music Played in Sports Stadiums, Plus Cash and Publishing Deal.

The redesign is successful.A new look to my blog(done in two days)

My blog is transformed into the future home of music. The look and feel is more fluid than the former blog.

More articles…

A better content ,to help serve the information age’s new stream of music content, I will have some ,more  solutions for my native country musicians plus singers.I will write about music sales tools,sheet music and video lessons…

Good luck with your new resolutions!

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