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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Interview With Ionut Dolanescu in my Dream

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Soon I weak up,switch on the computer and start writing,about last night dream was amazing,like I was there.When I was a little girl I wished to be a traditional country music,did happen,for a short time but happen.My last night dream is sending me back in time,and yes I was going back two decades ago.

Chatting with one of my favorites singer star,Ionut Dolanescu,is a big name in my native country,Romania,the son of the well known duet Maria Ciobanu and Ion Dolanescu.

Back in 1990,I was touring in my country,with Ion Dolanescu,Ionut Dolanescu,Ileana Constantinescu,Ionut was great,just a student at the time.

Today he is married,has a child ,and is magnificent to listen to his wife violin,and his great voice,I am amazed watching them both on stage.

Going back to  my dream,we just talk face to face about our concerts,20 years ago, in Romania and sudden change the subject telling me about his tour in  Australia,and I reply to him with a statement he came to Australia before Irina Loghin's 2003 Australian tour. Strange fact what  was mentioned in my dream was real fact,true story,chatting with Ionut was only a dream. Irina Loghin,is my childhood idol,I loved her songs,another big star of our traditional music.

Did you ever dreamed about your favorite stars,of course you did,I think everyone has a dream like this in a while.

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