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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How I start singing

A very dusty/scratched vinyl record being played.Image via WikipediaMy dear friends,I am writing,today,only to find something,to do,to use my spare time,in a creative way.In another hand,writing in English,my second language is a big risk,maybe I mentioned that before.Today is tonight actually,and is close to midnight,is a cold,spring night,in a small country town from Australia.
    I am trying to take you ,back in time,when I was a little girl,and one of the luckiest ever meet in this planet,why lucky,I was born in a Sunday,and a have a dimple on my left chick,some folks are saying God put his finger there,but is true,all my life I was at right time,in the right place,and compare with others from my family my life was blessed,with few things,and a special gift,a really nice voice,singing voice.
    When I was 2-3 years old,my parents decide to give me away to a aunt,and after another few years spent with my grand parents,finally my new parents decide to take me at their new residence,in a big city,only 38 km from my little village where I was born.Imagine a 6 years old,girl,dressed in a red velvet dress,starting her new adventures.
   If a new vinyl record came up our neighbours where playing day and night.In no time  I learn few songs and I was able to sing them at school.I was dreaming to became a star.I was a star,every teacher was impressed with my voice,one person wasn't my adoptive mother.For years she will stop me from every competition until I was 23 years old.Soon I start singing everything was falling in place,wining competitions,in my town and even national wide.
  My name was very well known at the time ,loved ,admired and soon earn some money only singing.
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