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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More time to spend in recording studio

A gift for Susan BoyleImage by leoncillo sabino via FlickrThe time just fly,and not much achieved,with my music projects,working long hours,tired and a bit frustrated after the Susan Boyle search.,wasn't me the winer.Good luck to the winer,and I can wait to get Susan's new album,next month November 2010.

I have approximately 32 songs traditional Romanian country music,ready to be record it ,but my musicians are in Romania,and I am in Australia.I can't wait to see things falling in place with my plans of  recording my new albums.I need a holiday to be able to achieve my goal.

Mention about my goal,I just read a extraordinary story of a  young man from China ,Liu Wei ,who lost his arms  at the age of ten can play piano with his toes,he make himself useful at something.Is a great inspirational story.You can do anything you want,if you really want.

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