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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Australian Great Voice Ever,Joan Sutherland has died

Portrait of Dame Joan SutherlandImage via WikipediaIs hard for me to start,to write,about someone ,which is not longer with us,only her voice from now will stay forever.We will remember Joan Sutherland like other great female voices.

Before I arrived in Australia I was fascinated with Melba,Maria Calais....Joan Sutherland I knew nothing about her,until 1992 and in short time I caught up with  information and when was possible I was watching  her shows.

Born in November 1926,in Sydney,in December 1946 she made her debut,and in 9 June 1951 marked her appearance in staged opera.

October 12 ,2010 one of the greatest voices,well known in the world ,dies,near Geneva.

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