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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

To sing again...try something new

  Thursday night,after a long day,working and worried what's next,how I will get there?I am working in vineyards, the pruning season just started,but is worst than what I expect to happen.In past years our company was hiring around 120 seasonal workers,today we need only 15-20 workers,is a hard time for wine grapes growers and for our business and for the hundreds of locals,who loose their jobs,the funny part is we pull out the vines which we planted and trained 10-12 years ago.It's time to start something else,to change,to learn,or to go  back and sing again

It's a very cold night,about 10pm,and I remember in what situation I was 30 years ago,with no other choice ,only to sing.Today I am in a better situation,because after the pruning season finish I can survive few weeks only.Back than I was young,jobless,and with pride,I had a offer to sing two weekend nights at  wedding parties,my offer for two nights a week was equal with a month salary, a medium income earner,easy money.In our country the best musicians we call them "lautari"are gypsies,and I thought at the time "I am not going to sing,there,only the gypsies they play and sing at the parties".

 The offer came after a birthday party,where my friends ask me to sing,and I did and one of the band members ask me to sing with them.One year past and my financial situation was critical,and I was desperate,and I went to ask if the offer is still available,you guessed the answer,no,of course,no.

God has strange ways to help me out,I was in the queue to get some cigarettes and two musicians discussing about contracts to play in country side and the singer left them,and one asking the other maybe he can recommends someone,the other musician answer was"yes the singer is behind you and she is very good"and curious I looked behind me too but I seen only men not a woman in the queue ,I was the one,and since then until 1991 I never stoped, never said no .I went to every activity,paid or unpaid.I had great time,and lots and lots of memories,the people loved me.


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