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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Searching for a voice

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My story start few weeks ago, when I was stack in a place, 300 kilometres far from home with my pruning vines job. A very nice place to relax after long hours of hard and physical work. For a short time you feel comfortable ,all the facilities,electricity,hot water,showers ,lawndry,and a very spacious kitchen, plus our little rooms with 2 single beds .There is few problems, no television, and no phone. Once a week we can get our messages when we go shopping to the closest village after we got paid. Friday, payday, and my lucky day ,to get a lottery ticket and a newspaper, to stay in touch with the world.

Back to work place again, reading the newspaper, Scottish singer Susan Boyle, who shot to fame on a British TV talent show in 2009, is searching for a duet partner to appear on her new album. The competition, to be run on her official website, will be open from July 9-23, and the winner will be announced on July 26.

"I thought that what I would like more than anything this year is to be able to give something back — to pass on the gift that I had been given," the 49-year-old said on her website in advance of the announcement.

Boyle has invited entrants to upload videos of them singing Christmas carol "Silent Night.

After reading, I said to myself why not, find the song, find the lyrics, rehearse it and recorded it, make a little movie, uploaded and submitted.

I missed few days at work, but I am proud I done it, now just waiting to see the winner, many people submitted, and there is good voices too, good luck to all of us.

I am amazed how things works in my life, no phone, no TV, I buy a paper, everything I read is just the article with the search for a duet partner.

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