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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learn to Sing

Neon music signImage via Wikipedia My dearest friends,I am back,home, just for a day,and getting ready for the pruning season in vineyards,meaning early tomorrow I will drive 450 km. to my next destination to work.I just check what's new,online,my friends are safe and well ,God love them,I received very nice surprises,and gifts.

I just received 13 songs from a new friend from YouTube.Ionica Radu is a singer in Romania,and he was good friend of Victor Mihai,which past away before,publishing his songs,how unlucky was that; and guess what ,I have his first unpublished recordings,and the last.I am so proud to share with you this story.

I just talk to much about my friends,and I forgot to tell you why I am writing today?
Talking about songs ,good singing voices,I am a singer,and my voice need some training ,I cannot sing, what 10 years ago was just piece of cake.Busy with my business,my voice,and my singing is not a priority anymore.I have 30 songs,for my next albums,and my voice is not that good,today.The Internet is the great invention,search and find a good website,train your voice,you don't need a vocal teacher,everything you need you find it.

If you want to be a star,if you are in my situation,do not hesitate and check this out Singorama

When I was looking for a product to help improve my singing I did the same thing. One thing that was different about this search though was that over and over Singorama was the product described by all as the best product out there to help improve ones singing skills. I decided my odds were good.

Well, this was one of those purchases that was in the “do well” column. First the purchase was easy, secure and complete in very quick order. I had the software on my machine and ready to learn in minutes. The download contained a comprehensive and extensive offering of products.

Fast forward 18 months later. Singorama gets a good work out in our house. Me, my wife and my daughter all use the product. It's an excellent and entertaining tool for learning music. Also included is the Singorama manuals which are complete and very well designed to help even the most beginners.

I think you will love it.Have a nice day,enjoy singing again,with love Seva!


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