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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grapes ,Wine,Music,Food and Celebration

Hi and welcome to my blog.

Why I am writing today?

Because I need money,I have dreams like everyone else and take long time to accomplish them.I consider myself lucky,and if I compare myself with my relatives left behind,or my friends,yes I am lucky.
I want more from this life,I am working and I am struggling,I am thinking what is happening if I will not work.

We experience hard time in wine grapes industry,and is worst in worst from 2007 is not getting better.
We working,we are not get paid in time,small business are suffering.
Every year I am saying next year will be better,but after the season of picking grapes is finished we realised our jobs dropped by 70% is a lot,a new competitor,the rain and lots of broken dreams,in our industry.

Today we supposed to be in our way to Griffith with 5 workers to start working tomorrow ,to pick cotton,but again the rain.Rain yesterday and and if was raining last night that's it no job for at least 4-5 days or even more.
We are about to start the pruning grapes vines,next month, May 2010,at this time no one knows yet what is happening.One vineyard business consultant,from our region said last year after the pruning season will be not much pruning happening in 2010.
We struggle to get jobs,we struggle to get paid,and from this point use your imagination.

In another hand the type of music I sing,traditional Romanian country music is related to grapes,wine,and work in vineyard,but back home,not in Australia.The country people,in my village every single one has  grapes vines,they make their home made wine ,and every job they do,they sing.

The country people they create most of the music I am singing.The lyrics and music came from every event happened in life,start with marriage,have children,loosing someone,lost love,death of someone,is a song for every name,or for every skill,and celebrating.

We celebrate,weddings,or birthdays,or we came with something to get together,sing,dance,drink wine and eat.
When winter is coming is not much to do on the land,the neighbours or family get together with a glass of wine and Romanian traditional music and some traditional food,that's life.
If you read and if you know other story like mine,please leave some comments.

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